The last day of the 1972-73 championship, between lights and shadows

The last day of the 1972-73 championship, between lights and shadows

unrecognizable couple looking at waterfall coming from rockThe Cagliari-Piacenza play-off to stay in Serie A, played in Naples on 15 June '97, in the presence of around 18,000 islanders and 2,500-3,000 Piacenza residents, was the scene of unheard-of violence by the Neapolitan "landlords" against the Cagliari citizens. Yesterday afternoon, a shiver ran down the spines of the directors of Il Mattino, Repubblica Napoli and Corriere del Mezzogiorno. And so if you consider this measure and as a Christian and as a philosopher and man of the world, you will find either that this life is more desirable or at least not so much worse that it deserves a complaint, and besides that it is so due and convenient, it still consists in this your honor and reputation, that you dispose and accommodate yourself in such a way that he does not appear to be a man who was born yesterday or who has experienced nothing of the things of the world, but who has to be known by everyone, a person full of news of letters, full of virtue, and finally full of spirit and experience. In reality, at that moment, there were still a number of trucks from the 741st Cacciatori regiment, loaded with men, moving from Monfestino towards the front and therefore not ready for action.

The attack starts late, only with some units of the 1044th Grenadier Regiment". respective starting positions.After the march through heights 891 and 874, at 10.00 pm, the battalion arrives in Vecchia dei Monti and at the starting line for the attack in Le Tane (933 m).Fantastic day finished at home of our partner Claudio who invited us for a slice of cake on his birthday. And if near Piazza Cavalli there are those who regret the closure of traffic already today – "we will be in difficulty with supplies" – there is even those who count the minutes. Maxime Gonalons, French director who comes from Rome, to replace Nzonzi. Milan is dazed, surprised by an extremely determined and aggressive Hellas, and struggles to put their game in order. They are afraid it could happen again, perhaps even and precisely in that Champions League that Mirko rightly defines as a sort of Casa Real.

Italiano: ascolto e comprensione In addition to the 741st Jäger Regiment, important parts of the heavily reduced 1044th Grenadier Regiment are assigned to this battlefield-experienced commander. During the meeting held in the afternoon of 21 February 1945 at the command post of the 741st Jäger regiment, near Albarelli, to plan the counterattack on Monte Belvedere, the commander of the 232nd division summoned "all the decisive commanders"; "all the problems are discussed," says Von Gablenz, "and illustrated. Therefore, as far as Neapolitan-style pizza is concerned, the Neapolitans can rest assured: the original recipe is theirs and no one takes it away from them. Major Ruchti declares that "he has never seen such artillery fire, especially as regards the quantity of phosphorus grenades thrown". Furthermore, the still available reserves of the 2nd battalion of the 1043rd Grenadier regiment, involved in the battle on the leftmost part of the front and which could have been used rather for the defense of Monte della Torraccia, were also brought to the front line, as well as the battalion in reserve (Feldersatzbatallion) and parts of the Pioneers battalion of the 232nd Infantry Division. Parts of the 1044th Grenadier Regiment, whose readiness had been verified by Colonel Winkelman, showed up in time in the sector assigned to them in compliance with the orders received, carried out a decisive attack towards Corona and the northern slope of Monte Belvedere, up to half, where they are forced to stop, as the support of the units of the 114th Jäger Division fails and they do not show up or only partially show up.

The perimeter of the reserve includes one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the area, that of Punta Prosciutto and Lido degli Angeli, we will walk along nature trails characterized by high and luxuriant secular dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub, those that in the municipality of Porto Cesareo, they have better preserved themselves from the building havoc of the area. For this purpose, in addition to the units still functional after the assault on February 22nd, the scout units of the 114th Jäger Division and the Mittenwald Training Battalion of the Hochgebirgsjäger were assigned to him. Among others, the group leader of Cortemaggiore Fabio Devoti, the representative of the Ana study center, Carlo Veneziani, the sectional coordinator of civil protection Ana Maurizio Franchi, the mayor of Cortemaggiore Gabriele Girometta and the deputy Alice Marcotti were present. He left Carlo di Montone in Perugia as his lieutenant and left for Siena; he enters it through the Porta Nuova; he pays homage to Pope Eugene IV. Lieutenant General Von Gablenz later regrets this decision. Lieutenant General Von Gablenz writes: "The attack (by the Cacciatori regiment) was a complete failure and it didn't even have the effect of hindering the enemy's attack on Monte della Torraccia which took place on the same day. The radio operator of the 1044th regiment who, during the attack, had led the installation of the telephone line from the command post at Albarelli and who had managed to sleep in all only six hours during the last few nights, observes and notes in his diary: " The Colonel is sleeping and his companies do not arrive.

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